The Brand New BBQ Video Series: Gut warming BBQ

Having trouble staying hot? Have no fear, Smokey Goodness is here to light you up with a smouldering series of gut warming BBQ video’s. We went back to the USA to meet up with old and new BBQ friends, discover the best BBQ and food this country has to offer and returned with the best BBQ inspiration one can find.

For our latest BBQ book ‘Brand New BBQ‘ we travelled through Texas, Missisipi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina to search for the best BBQ out there. And boy did we find it! We met up with BBQ heroes that uphold traditional BBQ such as tootsie at Snow’s BBQ, Roy Perez at Kreutz and Wayne Mueller at Louie Mueller Barbecue. We dug deep into the dishes of the TexMex BBQ Scene at 2M smokehouse and Valentino’s. New school BBQ was found at foodtrucks such as Leroy and lewis BBQ and newly opened BBQ joints like South of Heaven BBQ. We got Fed at the shed, learned how to cook whole hog BBQ from Rodney Scott and even discovered how oysters are cultivated at the Lowcountry Oyster Company. We had a good time and gained quite the weight, but the best thing is we collected some great photos for our Brand New BBQ book (Dutch only for now)) and shot the nicest video’s.

The Brand New BBQ Video Series


Curious about our stories and want to indulge in BBQ inspiration this winter? Then make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and visit this site often. This winter we are going to send out tons of inspiring video’s to showcase the beauty of the American BBQ scene. So, gather all your BBQ buddies, get those chicken wings smoking and crash on your sofa, it’s time to dig in.

Brand New BBQ Video Watchlist:

Snow’s BBQ – Watch it here
Rodney Scott’s BBQ Watch it here
2M Smokehouse Watch it here
Louie Mueller Barbecue – Coming soon
The Shed – Coming soon
Southern Soul Barbecue – Coming soon
Bangers Austin – Coming soon
Kreutz Market – Coming soon
South of Heaven – Coming soon
Low Country Oysters – Coming soon
Holy City Hogs – Coming soon
Valentina’s – Coming soon
Leroy & Lewis – Coming soon
Slab BBQ – Coming soon

Watch the Brand New BBQ Video’s here:

Esaul Ramos welcomes you in his 2M Smokehouse and shows you why authentic TEX MEX BBQ is the best there is.
This Winter Smokey Goodness presents the Brand New BBQ Video Series, gut warming BBQ inspiration from the USA.
Rodney Scott transforms old school BBQ traditions into a new school BBQ empire which makes him the hottest Pitmaster in town.
Let Snow’s BBQ Pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz and owner Kerry Bexley show you what it takes to make the best BBQ
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