Knowledge is
the basic BBQ

When studying involves lighting things on fire we know we have your attention! So, sharpen your pencil, dive deep into our smoking library and start making notes. A world of BBQ knowledge awaits you to hone your BBQ skills.

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Grinding the perfect burger featured image

Grind the best meat for your ultimate hamburger with the help of this article. Part two of the five step the Smokey Goodness ultimate burger series.

best meat for burgers featured image

Select the best meat for burgers and make the ultimate hamburger. Read the full Smokey Goodness ultimate burger series here.

It’s the skills
that make
your BBQ

"A true BBQ master is an eternal Pit Bitch" - Jord Althuizen

So don't brag about how good you are, focus on how much better you want to become! Keep improving by listening, learning and trying. Better BBQ comes to you when you walked the mile, tried, tested and perfected your skills and techniques. Sharpened all your senses to see and smell the smoke, hear the sizzle and feel the heat. But before you begin lighting your fires, you better burn some books or blogs for a healthy dosis of BBQ fundamentals. So let's dig in, it is time to study the good stuff.

No shortcuts

The new knives are in

Bad cuts come from dull knifes. So make sure you are equipped with a bag full of rough looking but oh so so sharp knives. And let's not forget, you never have enough knives.

Bite me

The story of Jord

Who the hell is this guy? Discover what the man behind the mission is about and how he made Smokey Goodness the fiery phenomenon it is today.