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    The small print

    The price
    • One year of free charcoal consists of 1 full pallet with 32 bags of charcoal of 10 kg per bag.
    • The price includes transport to an address within the European Union.
    • The prize is delivered in its entirety. Prize winner is responsible for storage.
    Promotion conditions
    • Smokey Goodness acts with its actions in accordance with the Dutch Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance of January 1, 2014.
    • These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.
    • Participation in promotions is free of charge.
    • For the “wanna burn” giveaway, it is sufficient to subscribe to the Smokey Goodness newsletter. To be eligible for the prize, a participant must have an active subscription to the newsletter at the time of the drawing.
    • Each participant can participate in the promotion only once.
    • Employees of Smokey Goodness / Black Smoke / Rough chef / Rough kitchen are excluded from competitions.
    • Participants are obliged to provide correct, current and complete information when participating in a competition or giveaway.
    • The duration of the promotion is from April 2021 to March 2022.
    • To participate, a participant must be at least 18 years old. All other participants are excluded from participation.
    • Participants must be based in Europe, other participants are excluded from participating.
    • Smokey Goodness may, at its own discretion and without prior notice, change or adjust these promotion terms and conditions during the promotion period, or change or adjust the promotion without giving any reason unless this leads to the participant’s disadvantage.
    Selecting the winner
    • The winner will be drawn randomly and impartially.
    • There will be one draw per promotion, unless stated otherwise in the promotion.
    • Winners will be personally informed within 5 working days of closing a promotion via the email address used to participate in the promotion.
    • There will be no correspondence about results.
    • Prizes cannot be exchanged for money or other goods.
    • Participants who have not won a prize will not be notified.
    • The prize will be awarded as is. Smokey Goodness is not liable for any visible or hidden defects in the prize or any damage upon delivery of the prize.
    • The prize will be delivered on a date specified by Smokey Goodness.
    • Smokey Goodness is not responsible for any (travel) costs of the participant associated with the collection of the prize won.
    • Prizes won cannot be stored at Smokey Goodness, they will be paid directly to the respective winner.
    • Smokey Goodness is authorized to exclude persons from participation in the event of suspected unlawful participation or fraud.
    • Participants who do not meet the above conditions can be excluded from participation.
    • In cases not covered by these terms and conditions, a decision will be taken by Smokey Goodness.
    Personal data
    • The personal data obtained in the context of giveaways is used by Smokey Gooodness for the giveaway and will not be provided to third parties. You will automatically receive the newsletter after participation. You can of course always indicate that you no longer wish to receive these e-mails by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the relevant e-mail.

    No shortcuts

    The new knives are in

    Bad cuts come from dull knifes. So make sure you are equipped with a bag full of rough looking but oh so so sharp knives. And let's not forget, you never have enough knives.

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    The story of Jord

    Who the hell is this guy? Discover what the man behind the mission is about and how he made Smokey Goodness the fiery phenomenon it is today.

    It’s the skills
    that make
    your BBQ

    "A true BBQ master is an eternal Pit Bitch" - Jord Althuizen

    So don't brag about how good you are, focus on how much better you want to become! Keep improving by listening, learning and trying. Better BBQ comes to you when you walked the mile, tried, tested and perfected your skills and techniques. Sharpened all your senses to see and smell the smoke, hear the sizzle and feel the heat. But before you begin lighting your fires, you better burn some books or blogs for a healthy dosis of BBQ fundamentals. So let's dig in, it is time to study the good stuff.

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