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Smoked lamb shoulder with pickled squash

Pickling the squash takes a night of patience, but other than that this lamb shoulder is easy enough to make...

Hoe cakes with smoked mackerel

Hoe cakes’ have no relation to ladies of the night, but are a traditional dish from the American deep south.

za'atar spiced wings

Za'atar here, za'atar there. Sometimes you come across an ingredient that's so incredibly delicious that you want to use it everywhere.

louisiana hot chicken burger

In the USA, 'the south' is known for its hot sauce. Instead of wings, this time, a spicy chicken burger.

smores shake

That sounds absolutely delightful! "The liquid successor to Smokey's most popular dessert, the s'mores skillet, is here: chocolate, salted caramel, and a dash of…

portobello sandwich

Smoky mushrooms, spicy harissa sauce, salty feta, and the freshness of lemon: this Portobello Sandwich is a fantastic vegetarian option.

roast beef sandwich

This roast beef sandwich with cheddar recipe is a copycat of a popular sandwich from an American fast-food chain.

cheesebuger bacon dip

Consider this dip a "deconstructed" burger recipe that allows you to quickly make the perfect bacon cheeseburger for your BBQ buddies or the family.…

chicken peri peri

The piri piri chicken skewers are delicious as a handheld snack or on a sandwich with a generous smear of hummus and a handful…

Chicken Huli Huli SmokeyGoodness

Huli" is the Hawaiian word for turn or flip, and it immediately suggests that this tropical chicken is best prepared on a spit...

Crispy Griddled Bacon Mais Fritters

Try this new recipe from our BBQ Snack Attack book for Crispy Griddled Bacon Corn Fritters on your BBQ or in a cast iron…

2M Smokehouse - Best Tex Mex BBQ in the USA

Esaul Ramos welcomes you in his 2M Smokehouse and shows you why authentic TEX MEX BBQ is the best there is.

Brand New BBQ video series article header

This Winter Smokey Goodness presents the Brand New BBQ Video Series, gut warming BBQ inspiration from the USA.

It’s the skills
that make
your BBQ

"A true BBQ master is an eternal Pit Bitch" - Jord Althuizen

So don't brag about how good you are, focus on how much better you want to become! Keep improving by listening, learning and trying. Better BBQ comes to you when you walked the mile, tried, tested and perfected your skills and techniques. Sharpened all your senses to see and smell the smoke, hear the sizzle and feel the heat. But before you begin lighting your fires, you better burn some books or blogs for a healthy dosis of BBQ fundamentals. So let's dig in, it is time to study the good stuff.

Spice things up

Add even more flavor to your BBQ

Slather, dip, poor and chug, when it comes to BBQ sauce you should never be stingy. Check out our Smokey Goodness liquid love in a bottle and boost your BBQ.

I write, you pyro

A travel story from Lapland

Getting overheated from all the fire? Watch our most chilling adventure exploring the flaming fins and their love for true winter BBQ in this epic documentary.